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Chattahoochee Hills Homeowners Association
Sidney Lanier Boulevard at Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, Georgia
The Community Association  Manager , Barbara A. Williams, works with five elected homeowners.

Chattahoochee Hills has a Home Owners Association with an Association Board made up of five homeowners. Board members receive no pay and work with the management company regarding yards, painting of houses, trash in yards, delinquent members, etc.

The association exists to keep community standards high so the property retains and increases its value.  

All homeowners pay a fee to maintain landscaping, decorative walls, signs, clubhouse, swimming pool, etc. The town home owners pay an additional fee for landscaping, retaining walls, driveways, parking pads, etc. in the town home area.

The Board of Directors has to follow the laws that make up our community covenants.  These covenants are recorded with Gwinnett County.

When an issue is presented to the Board by the management company, it is discussed and then a vote is taken.  In case of a tie vote the President then votes to break the tie.

Board members strive to work with individual homeowners while assuring the rights of the community as a whole.

If you have a problem or question contact:

Barbara A. Williams CMCA, ARM, CAM 
GW & Associates, Inc.
Office: 678-407-6307   
Fax 678-407-6336