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Chattahoochee Hills Homeowners Association
Sidney Lanier Boulevard at Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, Georgia
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Clubhouse Rental Available for Resident Owners or Renters at Least 21 Years Old in Good Standing:
1.  All monthly fees must be paid up-to-date and so shown on the CMA Monthly Financial Report
2.  All assessments must be paid up-to-date and so shown on the CMA Monthly Financial Report
3.  No outstanding CHHA violations as shown on the CMA Monthly Violation Report
4.  No clubhouse damage, failure to clean properly or violations in prior clubhouse rentals

Use Time of Rental Including Set Up and Clean Up:  (Return to top of page)
1.  8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
2.  No more than one (1) event or activity may be scheduled in one day
3.  Continuous use of the Clubhouse before or after the 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. constitutes a breach        of this Agreement and will result in forfeiture of my entire deposit.
4.  The Association reserves the right to remove any participant who arrives before or remains after        the reserved time or who does not restrict his/her use to the Clubhouse

User Responsibilities(Return to top of page)
1.  Renter must be present at all times during use
2.  Renter must be renting the clubhouse for their own use and not renting in their name for any other      person or entity
3.  Will be responsible for the conduct and behavior of all attendees at the event
4.  Will be responsible for the proper and adequate supervision of all minors attending the event
5.  Must NOT put ANYTHING on the walls or ceilings (no decorations, no thumb tacks, tape, or          anything else)
6.  Furnish all necessary items for the event, including garbage bags
7.  Garbage must be removed from the Clubhouse premises IMMEDIATELY upon conclusion of           the function and disposed of at their home
8.  Bring a cell phone to use in case of emergencies since there is no telephone in the clubhouse

Maximum Number of People permitted for residential use: 40

Not Permitted with Clubhouse Rental  (Return to top of page)
1.  Use of alcohol in the clubhouse or on the grounds
2.  Use of illegal drugs in the clubhouse or on the grounds
3.  The use of the pool is NOT included as part of clubhouse rental

Rental Fees and Deposits  (Return to top of page)
A.  One Day Total $175.00
B.  Checks Only – No Cash Will be Accepted
C.  Make Checks Payable to Chattahoochee Hills Homeowners Association
1.  Rental Fee is $75.00 (non-refundable)
    -The Rental Fee of $75.00 is charged to defray the costs associated with the operation and         
    maintenance of the Clubhouse
2.  Deposit for One Day Rental is $100.00 at time of rental
    -All checks will be deposited and all refund checks (if all rules met, i.e. cleaning, no damage, etc) 
    will be returned within 30 days by the management company
    -The entire $100.00 Deposit Check will be kept if there are any damages to the building, the  
    contents or property by personal or invited or uninvited guest actions
    -Damage in excess of the $100.00 deposit will be billed to the Homeowner renting the clubhouse
       a. If the cost of repairs exceed the $100.00 deposit, the Homeowner agrees to pay the    
       Association the full cost of all repairs within ten (10) days of receipt of a written explanation
       and bill for the damages
       b. Deposits, fees and expenses incurred by the Association as a result of this rental shall be 
       considered an assessment and constitute a lien against my property and are collectable as
       provided by the Association Declaration, By-laws and Georgia statutes.
3.  Cancellation of rental must be received 2 days before rental in order to receive a refund of the

Cleaning of Clubhouse  (Return to top of page)
Cleaning of the Clubhouse must be done the day of the rental immediately after the event and includes but is not limited to the following items:
1.  Kitchen
      Clean Counters
      Clean Sink
      Clean Refrigerator
      Clean Stove
      Clean Microwave
      Clean Floors
      Remove ALL food from clubhouse
      Sweep and Mop Floor
      Clean any clubhouse owned dishes or utensils used (may use dishwasher)
      Put back in original location all clubhouse owned dishes and utensils used after cleaning
      Take all garbage home for disposal
2.  Bathroom
      Clean Sink
      Clean Toilet
      Clean Floor
3.  All Other Rooms
      Sweep and Mop floor
      Clean table tops
      Return all furniture and items to original location
      Lock doors and windows
4.  Put thermostat on 60 in the winter and 85 in the summer
5.  Turn off all lights

Renter’s Acceptance of Liability  (Return to top of page)
1.  I assume all responsibility, risks, liabilities and hazards incidental to the activities applied for and hereby release and forever discharge the Association, its officers, directors, employees, agents and members present, past and future from any and all claims, costs, causes of action and liability for personal injury or death and damage to or destruction of property arising from my use of the Clubhouse and its appurtenances.  I agree that no alcoholic beverages will be served in the Clubhouse or on the Clubhouse grounds or parking lot.  If the Association determines or observes guests being served alcohol, the Association reserves the right to terminate the function and ask my guests to leave.
2.  I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Association, its officers, directors, employees, agents and members present, past and future from any and all charges, claims, costs, causes of action, damages and liabilities (including but not limited to attorney’s fees) for any and all injuries to either person or property, suffered by me, my family members, employees, agents, servants, invited guests, uninvited guests, invitees, any member of the Association or any other person which arise from or are in any way related to the above activity, rental or use of the Clubhouse.
3.  I assume all responsibility for the actions and behavior of all persons present at, attending or in any other way related to my function and agree to be personally responsible for causing all such persons to comply with the Chattahoochee Hills Declaration, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.  Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of my deposit.
4.  I am at least twenty-one (21) years of age and will be in attendance at my function.  I hereby agree and represent that the Clubhouse will be used for lawful purposes only and that if any conduct at the function I am sponsoring violates federal, state, or local laws or ordinances, my rights to use the Clubhouse under this Agreement shall terminate and the Association shall have the right to take possession of the Clubhouse and instruct my guests to leave the property.
5.  I understand that my reservation to rent the clubhouse on the date listed below will not be confirmed nor will this Agreement be binding until such time as the Association or its agent has executed this Agreement.  I have carefully read and understand this Rental Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms