Welcome to
Chattahoochee Hills Homeowners Association
Sidney Lanier Boulevard at Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, Georgia
Typical Monthly Agenda for Board Meeting

1.   Welcome to Homeowners
2.   Homeowners Agenda—may be moved to last on program
     -Homeowners get five minutes to present
     -Board will attempt to respond in writing before next meeting
3.   Call to Order
4.   Minutes for Previous Month
5.   Committee Reports
6.   Financial Report
7.   Old Business
8.   New Business
9.   Adjournment
10. Executive Session—if any

Annual Meeting Agenda
As stated in the By-Laws, Article IV, Section 1
Held on the Second Sunday of October Each Year

1.  Call to order by the President
2.  Certification of the presence of a quorum by the Secretary
3.   Close of voter registration
4.   Introduction of Board members
5.   President’s opening remarks
6.   Reading and approval of minutes of 2005 Annual Meeting by the Secretary
7.   Financial Report by the Treasurer
8.   Election of Directors
     -Call for nominations
     -Close of nominations
     -Appointment of Ballot Counters
     -Casting of ballots
     -Counting of ballots
     -Certification of Secretary of the person elected
9.  Adjourn Meeting