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Gwinnett County Ordinance “Swimming Pools”, Section 9-7030 Rules
1.   No lifeguard, swim at your own risk
2.   Children (age 14 and under) shall not use the pool without adult supervision
3.   No one shall swim alone in the pool
4.   No food or drink in the pool area (No picnics inside the gate)
5.   No glass, bottles or wrappers permitted in the pool area
6.   Shower before entering the pool
7.   All bathers must wear swimming suits
8.   Babies in diapers must wear special swimming diapers under their swimming suits
9.   Persons with fevers, infections or communicable diseases are not permitted in the pool
10. Persons with open cuts, wounds or blisters are not permitted in the pool
11. Spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose, etc. is not permitted in the pool
12. If blood, fecal matter, vomit, etc. get in the pool, get everyone out immediately. The pool must be         closed for 24 hours and chemically “shocked”. If this occurs, please call GW & Associates at 678-        407-6307. When you call to report the situation give your name and cell or home phone number            along with the name of Chattahoochee Hills Subdivision
13. No running, boisterous or rough play is allowed in the pool area
14. No bicycles, skates, scooters, skate boards, roller blades, etc are  allowed in the fenced area of the          pool
15. The life line, throwing buoy and pole on the side of the fence are there for public safety and are not       to be used for play
16. The rope across the pool separates the shallow from the deep end and must not be removed for              any reason
17. No pets can be brought into the fenced area of the pool

1.   Only CHHA residents in Good Standing may use the pool. 
     -All monthly fees paid up-to-date o All assessments paid up-to-date
     -No outstanding CHHA violations
2.   Only one key per property whose owner is in Good Standing will be issued
     -Lost keys will be replaced at $25.00 per key for owner occupied homes and $75.00 for landlords.
     -Your key is proof you are a resident of CHHA ALWAYS have it with you
3.   Do NOT let other people in the through the pool gate
     -A resident who allows another resident NOT in Good Standing to use the pool will lose their pool        privileges
4.   The pool is for the use of CHHA residents and their invited guests only. Anyone else will be                considered to be trespassing and will be required to leave
5.   The pool hours are from 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. each day
6.   Only Homeowners can bring guests to the pool and homeowners must stay in the fenced area of           the pool while the guests are present.
7.   Get out of the pool as soon as it starts lightening and storming
8.   In case of emergency, use the phone inside the pool fence to dial 911
9.   Adults must accompany children to the bathroom and clean up after them
10. Music is permitted in the pool area with HEADPHONES ONLY
11. No alcohol or illegal drug use is permitted in the pool area
12. No smoking in the pool area
13. All garbage, trash, etc. must be taken home with you and disposed of there
14. Public display of affection beyond hand holding is not permitted in the pool area. Be considerate           and move to a more suitable private location
15. Adults should never go outside the pool gate leaving a child alone in the pool area as the gate may          lock behind you making it difficult to get back inside the gate in an emergency
     -Do NOT prop the pool gate open

POOL KEYS  (Return to top of page)
- All homeowners current with their dues and who abide by covenants are eligible for pool keys.
- The pool is re-keyed about every four or five years.  Several opportunities to get keys will be           
  announced and the owner can pick up their key in person at that time.
- Only one key per address.
- After the initial dispersal of keys, the owner will need to mail a signed copy of pool rules to the   
  management company at the address below.  A pool key will be mailed to the owner.
- Renters obtain a letter from the owner authorizing the release of the key to the renter. 
- Only the homeowner or authorized renter may obtain a key
- Pool rules must be read and signed before a key is distributed.

Pool keys cannot be duplicated and there will be a $25.00 charge to homeowners living in the home for replacement keys. There will be a $75 charge to replace a key for rental homes.

PRINTABLE POOL AGREEMENT  (Return to top of page)


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