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Process of Application     Pre-Approved Items    Items that Require Prior Approval

Make no changes to the outside of your home or your yard without first getting permission from the Association

Note the pre-approved items, which are the ONLY things you do NOT need to get ACC approval BEFORE doing. Everything is not covered here. If you have any doubt, call the management company.

These standards derive from CHHA Covenants: 
Article IV, Section 1
Article V Sections 1 through 14

The purpose of the ACC is to assure that any installation, construction or alteration of any Structure on any Lot shall be submitted to the ACC for approval

1.  As to whether the proposed installation, construction or alteration is in conformity and harmony of external design and general quality with the existing standards of the Neighborhood and with the standards of Chattahoochee Hills subdivision

2.   As to the location of the Structures with respect to topography, finished ground elevation and surrounding Structures

The ACC shall has the power and duty to do each and every thing necessary to approve or disapprove plans and specifications for any installation, construction or alteration of any Structure or any Lot.

In the event of any conflict between the ACC Guidelines and the Declaration of Covenants (hereafter referred to as Covenants) the most restrictive provision shall govern and control.

MAINTENANCE  (Return to top for Community Standards Menu)
Utilities and Homeowner Responsibility

Each owner shall keep and maintain each Lot and Structure in good condition and repair, including (but not limited to) repairing, painting and other appropriate external care of all such structures.  However the maintenance of Lots in the Town home Neighborhood is further governed by the responsibilities and duties of the Association as outlined in the Covenants.

CHHA homeowners are responsible for making their own arrangements regarding the supply of all home utilities (electric, gas, water, phone and cable) and any required repairs. 

Homeowners should also be mindful that re-routing utilities (that is repairs/installations which result in lines being routed other than the original location) over Association property (Joint Common or Exclusive Common area) and/or property of other homeowners without written permission could result in a claim of trespass

VIOLATIONS AND ENFORCEMENT (Return to top for Community Standards Menu)
Violations.  No structure shall be erected, placed, maintained or altered upon any Lot, other than in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by the ACC as provided in this document.  Any erections, placement, maintenance or alteration without prior ACC approval is a violation and will be treated as such.

If the ACC determines such a violation has occurred, the ACC shall provide written notice to the Owner setting forth in reasonable detail the violation and the specific action(s) required to remedy the violation.  

The ACC shall give the homeowner 10 days to remedy the violation. If the homeowner does not comply by the stated date, an automatic fine of $25.00 per day shall be levied until the violation is remedied.

The homeowner has 10 days to appeal the violation or to request additional time IN WRITING (Letter or Email).  The homeowner, however, must state the date by which they will have completed the repairs, painting, etc and be ready for re-inspection.

Violations Include (but not limited to):
1.    Failure to mow grass (Cluster Homes)
2.      Failure to maintain flower beds
3.      Failure to repair gutters
4.      Failure to keep all Structures in good repair and properly painted with approved colors
5.      Failure to remove clutter, waste and unsightly accumulations
6.      Failure to remove animal waste
7.      Any other condition that inhibits the lawn maintenance contractor in performing the job (Town homes)
8.      Continuous automobile repair and maintenance that constitutes a nuisance to neighbor(s) or results in damage of any part of any Lot, Structure or Common Area (including spills or oil, grease, transmission fluids, etc.)
9.      Failure to replace broken windows and windows with broken seals to conforming appearance
10.  Setting out trash and recycle bins prior to evening of scheduled pick-up and failure to return empty bins to residence on the same day of collection
11.  Parking commercial vehicles anywhere in Chattahoochee Hills, except for Moving Trucks while loading or unloading.
12.  Residents parking in the streets or courts for more than four hours.

INSPECTION RIGHTS  (Return to top for Community Standards Menu)
An Agent of the Association may enter upon any Lot at any reasonable time of day to ascertain whether the installation, construction, alteration or maintenance of any Structure or the use of any Lot or Structure is in compliance with the provisions of the Covenants.  No Agent of the Association shall be deemed to have committed trespass or other wrongful act solely by reason of such entry or inspection.

PROCESS OF APPLICATION  (Return to top for Community Standards Menu)
Applications must be submitted for any external changes that are not pre-approved in this document. 
The Applications will be processed within 30 days from the date of receipt of a written request:
1.      Submission of Plans and Specifications
2.      Disapproval of Plans and Specifications (ACC may approve or disapprove application.  ACC will explain disapproval.)
3.      Obligation to Act  (ACC must reply within 30 days of receipt of application.)
4.      Inspection Rights  (ACC has the right to inspect the completed work.)
5.      Appeal  (Written appeal be made within 10 days or receipt of the ACC decision)
6.      Board will address an ACC Appeal that has followed steps 1 through 5 above at the next regularly schedule Board meeting

A.       PRE-APPROVED ITEMS  (Return to top for Community Standards Menu)
The following list of architectural alterations has been pre-approved by the ACC to eliminate the need for the Homeowner to submit an application.  The Homeowner may install, paint or plant the items listed below without any form of notification to the ACC.  However, if the change is deemed a violation, the Homeowner is responsible for the removal and/or correction at the request of the ACC. 

If the Homeowner wants ACC guidance or clarification on the pre-approved items, please contact the management company.

If the items the Homeowner wishes to install or paint is not specifically mentioned, an application must be submitted to the ACC.
1.      Brass Kick Plates and Brass Door Knockers
Brass kick plates and brass doorknockers may be installed on the front door.  The kick plates must have a height of eight (8) inches and a width that extends the full width of the door.  The brass doorknockers should be mounted so they appear centered on the door.
2.      Full View Glass Storm Doors
Full view glass storm doors may be installed over the front door(s).  The glass storm door and framing should be the same color as the window frames or trim surrounding the front door(s).  Full view glass storm doors designed with removable bug screens are included in the pre-approved group.  Full view glass doors with two-panel glass or double channel with screen are also included.
     a.      Wrought Iron security doors are not permitted at the front entrance.  They are allowed at rear                entrance doors.
     b.      Aluminum unpainted doors are not permitted on any door.
3.      Storm Windows
Storm windows may be installed at any time.  The storm windows must be the same color as existing window frames or window trim and must be installed on all rectangular shaped windows (front, sides and back of structure).   The windows directly beside the front door (side light windows) and/or palladium windows are not required to have storm doors.
4.      Awnings
Awnings may be installed without the prior approval of the ACC. The awnings should meet the following requirements:
     a.      May be circular, box or camel-back type
     b.      Color must be compatible with color of structure.  Solid colors and stripes are allowed
     c.      Fabric must be canvas or other strong industrial fabric
     d.      No metal awnings are allowed
     e.      Temporary (seasonal) coverings are not allowed
     f.        Awnings must be kept clean and in good repair
5.      Sodding of Backyard
The installation of sod in the backyard may be undertaken without ACC approval in the Cluster Homes ONLY.  The sod does not need to match the existing sod of the front and side yards of the structure (Articled V, Section 5)
6.      Shutters
The installation of shutters on the front windows of the structure does not require ACC approval for the Cluster Homes and the Brick Town homes ONLY.  No shutters can be placed on the stucco town homes. 
     a.      No rectangular shaped window shall be excluded if shutters are installed on any front          
     b.      Side light windows by the front door and palladium windows are EXCLUDED. 
     c.      The shutters may be made of wood or molded plastic. 
     d.      The two pre-approved styles are louvered and raised panel
     e.      The shutters should match the color of the front door or painted trim as closely as possible
     f.        All shutters on a single home must be the same color, style and material.
     g.      Shutters must be installed on side windows of structures situated on a corner lot at the same                  time the front window shutters are installed.
7.      Repairs, Maintenance and Painting
     a.      For solely repairing and maintaining property to its prior conforming condition (i.e.            
             repainting, repair of roof leaks, cracks, gutters, etc.) no application is necessary.
     b.      An application is necessary for changes, alterations or revisions to the prior conforming                         condition.
     c.      Any change in exterior color must be selected from the approved ACC paint colors.  Colors                   are available via email, mail or at the Clubhouse.
     d.      The color chosen cannot be the same color as adjacent homes.  Structures on corner lots must                consider the houses behind and beside them as adjacent.
     e.      ACC approval is required to paint garage doors and stairs in colors other than the trim color                  of the structure.
8.      Landscaping and Flower Beds for Town Home Section
The homeowner may plant flowers and scrubs only without ACC application and approval at their own cost and maintenance so long as such beds:
     a.      Do not require the destruction or removal of existing landscaping
     b.      Do not interfere with turf and landscape maintenance
     c.      Do not interfere with water draining
     d.      Do not interfere with neighboring property
     e.      Are contained with four (4) feet of the building line and within three (3) feet of walkways,                     driveways, parking areas and tree bases
     f.       Are maintained in an attractive manner at all times by the Lot owner

B:  Items that Require Prior ACC Approval  (Return to top for Community Standards Menu)
The following list of changes may not be carried out by any homeowner or renter on any lot.
1.      Erosion Control:  No activity shall be undertaken which may create an erosion or siltation problem, or change in quantity or direction of runoff. 
2.      Structural Changes:  No construction or alternation of any structure shall take place without the prior written approval of the ACC.  The plans and specifications for landscaping the changed structure must accompany the application.
3.      Trees:  No tree having a diameter of six (6) inches or more (measured from a point two (2) feet above ground level) shall be removed from any Lot unless such removal is approved by the ACC.
•         Bradford Pear, Leland Cypress and Bamboo may NOT be planted on any Lot.
4.      Temporary Buildings:  No temporary buildings, trailer, garage or building under construction shall be used, temporarily or permanently, as a residence on any Lot. 
5.      Signs:  The use of signs must meet the conditions set forth in Article V, Section 8 of the Covenants.  That section limits to one the “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign that may be used on any property.  That sign must be within 10 feet of the house.
6.      Setbacks:  No structure shall be erected or placed on any Lot unless its location is approved by the ACC
7.      Fences:
     a.      Town home Neighborhood: No new fence or wall of any kind may be erected on any Town                   home Lot.  The four (4) existing fences as outlined in Article V, Section 10 must be                                 maintained but cannot be replaced with new fences
     b.      Cluster Home Neighborhood:  No fence or wall shall be erected or placed on any Lot without                the prior written approval of the ACC.  The following guidelines apply to all fences that are                  to be erected in the Cluster Home:
              1)      All fences must be constructed of cedar or pressure treated pine and left unpainted.
              2)      Minimum board dimensions must be one (1) inch by six (6) inches.
              3)      Height must be compatible with topography, finished ground elevation and surrounding                         structures.  Fences must not exceed six (6) feet in height.
              4)      Fences will be permitted ONLY in the rear of structures.
              5)      Permitted styles of fences are:
              6)      Shadow-Box or Shadow Weave
              7)      Board on Board (older term for Shadow-Box)
              8)      Picket fence meeting the minimum board dimensions listed above
              9)      Fences without boards or runners on both sides must be built with the bare runners                                facing the inside towards the owner’s property.
              10)  Application for fence construction must include detailed plans and specifications and                              approval of specifications by any affected entity such as Georgia Power, etc. for right-                          of-way purposes.
8.      Road and Driveways:  No road or driveway shall be constructed or altered on any Lot without ACC approval.
9.      Antennae:  Radio and television antennae installed on the exterior of any structure or on any Lot shall not be visible for any common area or from the street abutting such Lot.  Small satellite discs may be placed on Lots in inconspicuous areas such as near the chimney.
10.  Clotheslines:  No clotheslines will be allowed on any Lot.
11.  Animal Housings:  No structure for the care, housing or confinement of any animal shall be constructed, placed or altered on any Lot without prior approval of the ACC and may be subject to the Guidelines regarding Fences
12.  Mailboxes:  The post and mailboxes in the Cluster Home Neighborhood may not be changed from the original style of a black mailbox mounted on a pressure treated pine or cedar post.  No custom-made post or oversized mailboxes are allowed.  No permanent mailbox covers or decorations are permitted.
13.  Walls:  No walls may be erected in the Town Home Neighborhood.  No walls may be erected in the Cluster Home Neighborhood without prior written ACC approval.
14.  Decks:  No deck may be erected without prior ACC approval.  The following specifications must be included with the application:
     a.      All lumber must be pressure treated pine
     b.      The top deck boards must be made of one (1) inch by six (6) inch lumber with rounded edges                 or finished two (2) inch by six (6) inch lumber
     c.      The balusters must be made of two (2) inch by two (2) inch lumbers.  The Building Code of                   the City of Duluth governs the spacing of these supports.
     d.      The deck is to remain unpainted.  Colorless wood protectant may be applied to provide                         protection against weather.
     e.      The railings must be two (2) inch by four (4) inch finished boards.
     f.       The footings for the deck supporting post must be concave, 1 ½ “ to 2 ½” above finished                      ground level to preclude collection of water.
     g.      The deck must not extend more than twelve (12) feet from the house nor violate any city or                   county setback requirements.
     h.      A building permit from the City of Duluth must be submitted with the Application to the                    ACC.
     i.       The stair treads must be of the same material as the top boards listed in “b” above.  Solid                       one piece treads, such as two (2) inch by twelve (12) inch boards are not allowed.
     j.        Joist size and spacing, stairs and railing heights must conform to the Building Code of the                     City of Duluth.
15.  Roof Replacement:  All roofs must be algae and fungi resistant with a minimum 20-year life.
16. Recreational Vehicles:
     a.      Town Home Neighborhood:  No recreational vehicle maybe parked on any Lot at any time
     b.      Cluster Home Neighborhood:  Recreational vehicles shall be placed ONLY upon the rear of                    any given Lot with the prior written approval of the ACC.
17.  Recreational Equipment:
     a.      Town Home Neighborhood:  NO recreational or playground equipment shall be placed or                       installed on any Town Home Lot, driveway or parking pad at any time.
               -NO portable basketball goals may be placed on any Town Home Lot, driveway, parking                       pad or street at any time.
     b.      Cluster Home Neighborhood:  Prior written approval is required to place any recreational or                  playground equipment on a Cluster Home Lot.  The equipment can only be placed in the rear                of the house.
              -Portable basketball goals may be used temporarily on front paved driveway ONLY IF the                    driveway does not run down hill into the road.
18.  Firewood:
     a.      Must not be stacked on landscaped areas.
     b.      Must be neatly stacked in rear of structure on patio or deck on a metal rack and must NOT                   TOUCH the house.
     c.      Maximum amount of stored wood must not exceed one-half cord.
19. Exterior Siding:  No vinyl or aluminum siding will be allowed in Town Homes except on facia or trim.  Plans and specifications for siding in the Cluster Homes must be submitted for ACC approval.
20.  Solid Waste and Trash
     a.      No person shall dump rubbish, garbage or any other form of solid waste on any Lot, common                area or adjacent woods
     b.      All remodeling trash such as boards, water heaters, etc shall be removed from Chattahoochee                 Hills by the homeowner.  Duluth will NOT pick up this trash.
     c.      Each Lot owner may have a maximum of two (2) rubber or plastic trash containers with a                      secured lid for the outdoor storage of trash bags prior to pick-up.  These trash containers are                 limited to thirty-five (35) gallon capacities and the color should be neutral or compatible with                the structure.
     d.     Trash containers in the Town Homes must be placed on the patio or immediately adjacent to                 the patio but not to restrict lawn care and landscaping access.
     e.      Trash containers in the Cluster Homes, if kept outside, must be placed in the rear of the                         structure.
21.  Window Air Conditioners:  No permanent window air conditioners will be allowed on any structure.
22.  Fish Ponds:  No outside fishponds may be placed on any Lot. The existing fish ponds must be kept clean and the pumps running to prevent stagnant water.  Otherwise the ponds must be removed, dirt filled and sodded.
23.  Swimming Pools:  No swimming pools either aboveground or in-ground may be placed on any Lot.  The one in-ground pool located at 3950 Sidney Lanier Blvd.  may remain.  Small pools for babies may be used in the Cluster Home section only and must be placed in the rear of the home and must be kept clean.  No stagnant water is allowed to accumulate.
24.  Parking Cluster and Town Home:  No commercial vehicle with or without signs of any kind may be parked in the driveways, parking pads or streets of Chattahoochee Hills.
     a.      Town Home Section Only
              -Each unit is allowed two parking spaces nearest to their front door. 
              -No one from another unit is to park in a neighbor’s area. 
              -No resident is to park a vehicle in the circle for longer than 4 hours.
              -The courts or circles are to be kept open for guests.